Thursday, 24 May 2012


First off I have a new job! More pay than my current job, it's full time and I'll be packing parachutes. I've been trying to get more hours at my current job ever since I started (almost 2 years a go). Despite the amount of people leaving on my department I worked under 14 hours a week, due to the company (certain supermarket) banning all over time/cover, contract changes and the hiring of new people. I truly feel sorry for the people I am leaving behind, as they are going to have even less of a work force than before. I think I'm gunna miss people I get along well with too! :( 

Anyway, due to the fact I finally have a full time job I can start to learn to drive and buy brand ◠‿◠
This week I've had two driving lessons, and actually did okay! I had never driven a car before Monday and the first time I didn't stall it or crash into anything like I was expecting to do lol. The second I fucked up a few times because of panicking about other cars, and having a few 'dyslexic moments' but I manged to drive back to my home and change gears without the instructor telling me too :)

I'm going to be so busy with my new job, learning to drive etc so I'm going to have to allocate a certain day to post order from my shop. That day will probably have to be Friday or Saturday, or I could pay my mum to go the the post office for me, like she joked lol. Sorry about that though :(

Thank you for reading ♡
Rachel ox

Friday, 18 May 2012

Creepy cute accessories

I love the whole creepy cute/bittersweet/pastel goth thing, it seems to sum me up perfectly! Here are a few accessories to match the theme/s, go and check out the links below!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Loli-Loli Paradise review

If you don't know already Loli-Loli Paradise is a facebook user that mainly sells replica items, I think she is also a shopping service. Her pages are here and here, I find the second link better! I ordered 3 things, secret shop dream sky OTKs, DOL fantastic dolly headbow and a replica candy stripper eyeball bag. I ordered everything by the 10th of April, I then got a group message on the 15th saying that she didn't have the headbow in stock. I personally didn't mind too much, as I might have ended up never wearing it. She sent me a refund, but it was only for the headbow, not shipping. Not like it was a huge amount of money, but still. I sent her a message asking if I would get a shipping refund, her reply was ' i am sorry, no. :/'. I was a little disappointed, but she then sent me another message saying that she could refund me the shipping costs for the headbow, or I could choose another pair of socks. I opted for the refund, as she didn't have many socks in stock. Then I waited and my parcel came on the 28th of April. 

Everything came in a jiffy bag and this packaging, also included a free necklace.

The pattern on the socks. 

The bag with a pastel fox tail ◕‿◕ This bag has become my everyday bag, its just about big enough to fit everything I need with me.. I like to be prepared for most things lol. 

Rachel ox