Monday, 22 December 2014

Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2014

Recently I've negleticed my Blogspot ;__; but I've satrted vloging instead (∪ ◡ ∪)
Here's a few videos to do with Hyper Japan's Christmas market this November :3

I hope you like them ♡
Rachel ox

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Toric Circle Lense Review

I finally got some circle lenses wooo! I've brought some before over 2 years ago, back then I couldn't get hold of
any in my prescription ;__; but this year I found out where you could get some (after giving up hope >.<) I have
an astigmatism so I need to wear toric lenses, so I hope this review is helpful if you need to wear
toric lenses too (*・∀・*)


Rachel ox

Hyper Japan

Most of you probably already know that I own an etsy shop Sugar Coated Sprinkles :3 Well this July was my first time exhibiting ever! Obviously I had to pick Hyper Japan to have my first stall ^.^ If you're not aware of what Hyper Japan is, basically its the biggest Japanese convention on the UK, held over three days in London, this time in Earls court! There's everything there including food, drink, games, fashion etc. 

I had such a good weekend, some of my highlights were~ meeting the lovely Alexa Poletti (model inspiration) and Pixe Late, they were such babes! They loved my sleeve (a lot of people did to be fair), Alexa even took pictures of it :3 I sold some of my lolita clothing at the Tea Party club bring and buy sale and used all that money to buy new stuff aha :') I had so so many photos taken of me, I even got approached by three different official Hyper Japan photographers! I also got interviewed for a TV show, I'm not sure how what's gunna turn out aha, I'm a little awkward at times ;__; and not to forgot meeting some lovely people and seeing happy customers! That's such a nice feeling when you hand make items! 

This is me on the Saturday with my stall ^-^