Tuesday, 17 April 2012


I got a new phone at last! I'm still yet to make a pretty case for it though! I love having instagram and snapeee! The pictures will be pretty much the same on both apps lol but my username on both is pastelhorror if you want to follow me ◕‿◕

I've started collecting 80s toys :3 I've finally sorted out my room so I could have some where to put them all! I also have new storage for most of my jewellery supplies ><

I got a blog award from the lovely the-glass-princess, shes one of the people who actually made me get blogger in the first place :3 Please take a look at her blog ♥ 

I've finally ordered from Loli-Loli Paradise on facebook, I really hope my order goes okay, I've already had a refund of a headbow I brought, but I still have a candy stripper replica bag and dream sky over the knees coming :)

Rachel ox