Thursday, 14 February 2013

Kyary concert

Last night I saw Kyary Pumyu  Pumyu in London ノ◕ヮ◕ノ I was pretty much at the back of the room :( But at lest the venue was small enough so I could still see her, well the top half of her >.< I really wish I was closer, I would have danced more! Kyary had 4 outfit changes, first one was the PonPonPon outfit ;D then it was a pink filly dress, then a pink dress with pegasus on, I know she posted a picture of it on her facebook page before. Then when she came back on stage after saying goodbye in one of her top tee shirts :3 She played all of her singles, a few songs off her albums and her new song Ninjari Bang Bang :3 

Ticket :3

My outfit

Close up of my eyeball stockings

First outfit ;D

gah she's adorable 

Second outfit

Her really weird mascot 

Third outfit

Kyary just being cute again aha

When she came back :3 

Singing the last song ~ Tsukema Tsukeru

I accidentally took a one second long video too ^^

Rachel ox


  1. wooow! You're so lucky! ♡(> w <)
    Amazing outfit! Nice photos too. It must have been so much fun!
    I really hope she comes to my country ♡

    1. Thank you lovely :) aw, hopefully she will do a proper world tour, not just a few countries :p ox

  2. eeeeeeps! great photographs sweetie! I didn't take any haha the security team were stood right next to us!
    Glad you had a lovely time hun

    1. thank you lovely ;D aw no, what a shame :( I wasn't gunna take pictures, but then other people did :3 ♡

  3. Lucky girl!!! I want to see her ,too *___*

  4. Those eyeball stockings are super adorable :3 So is your wig ^^
    Glad you gar great time ^^
    x, Lara

  5. awwh I love ur outfit,especially the overknees with eyeballs <3