Friday, 29 March 2013

Milklim order/Tenso SS review

Tenso is a different sort of shopping service, instead of asking the company to buy or bid on things for you, from countries that don't ship to yours, then have them posted to their company and then shipped to you, Tenso allows you to buy things online yourself. You just get items you buy sent to an address they give to you, so your items you have already paid for get sent to their warehouse. They then work out fees, you pay the fees then they will ship your items to you!

My experience

This is my first time using a SS, I've always been worried I'll get charged stupid amounts for things I've already paid for, or get scammed. I ordered two crop tops from Milklim (4410 yen) on the 7th March, they dispatched my order to the Tenso warehouse on the 8th. On the 11th I got an email saying my order was at the Tenso warehouse and asked me to pay service and international shipping fees. I didn't see the email until the 13th though, I paid straight away when I saw it >.< the service fee was 490 yen and shipping was 1500 yen. I got 500 yen off my order because I proved my identity to Tenso. They shipped my tops out the next day and sent me a tracking number. My parcel got held in UK customs for a few days.. only to get a custom fee charge of £21.17, I can not express to you how much I hate custom fees. I paid the fees on the 22nd ¬.¬ and got my parcel on the 25th.

Not including custom fees, altogether it cost me 5900 yen/£41 for two tops, I don't think that's bad at all. I think I'll be using this service again, if I can get round paying custom fees.


Download google chrome, it translates webpages for you and for translating emails use the google translator.

Parcel I got from Tenso

Milklim parcel inside

I brought these crop tops for my holiday, I'm going to Florida, it's going to be so warm compaired with the UK, there's still little bits of snow about where I'm from :/ I'll be living in high waisted shorts and vest/crop tops I think!

Rachel ox


  1. Custom fee's SUCK! It's always better to use AirSure if its offered
    As this is tracked AirMail and doesnt usually end up with customs like EMS does

    But other than that, those tops are CUTE!!! :D


  2. Super cute tops! I love Milklim ( ´∀`)☆

  3. awww your new tops are so pretty ^_^
    that sucks that you got hit with customs though, hopefully next time you order you wont!

  4. Aww! I love the tops. They are super adoreable! ^^

  5. Awww the teddy top is so cute:)

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award please check it out ..

  6. ow so nice! I would love to order some milklim clothes myself, but I feel kinda uncomfortable not ordering directly from the store myself :S